Traveling with a Pet Doesn't Have to be Tough

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Traveling By Plane With Your Cat For The First Time? 4 Ways A Vet Can Help You Both Relax

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If you're moving far away and traveling by plane, you may find yourself in a situation where you need to make plans for moving your cat as well. Instead of worrying that your cat will be unhappy or that they will not safely arrive at your destination, you should schedule a visit to your veterinarian so that you can get the advice needed for a safe and relaxing trip.

Get All the Necessary Documentation for Travel

Most airlines require a long list of documents from a veterinarian before your cat is allowed to travel, making it so important that you get this taken care of well in advance. Paperwork showing that your cat is properly vaccinated and has a clean bill of health is needed, so it's best to take care of this in one visit so that your cat won't be too stressed out when the day of your trip arrives.

Thorough Medical Exam to Ensure Your Cat is Healthy for the Flight

Along with simply getting the documentation needed for your cat to travel, you will want to make sure your cat is healthy for your own peace of mind. Even if they are in overall good health, there is always the chance that they could end up getting sick if they frequently throw up at home, making a vet visit a good idea.

Take Care of Microchipping to Keep Your Cat Safe

One of the worst things that can happen when traveling with your pet by plane is your cat getting out of its carrier and getting lost. While these things happen, you will have a much higher chance of getting your cat back safe and sound if you make sure that they are properly microchipped. Your veterinarian can help take care of microchipping and get everything registered to your name and phone number so that you can be contacted if your cat ever goes missing.

Get Calming Medications or Supplements to Reduce Stress

Another reason to visit the vet for your cat before your trip arrives is the ability to get calming medications or supplements that will help reduce stress. These medications often require a prescription and make a big difference in the attitude of your cat while you're away, helping to ensure that they are in good health.

As you prepare for the trip away from your home, you will quickly see how visiting a vet in advance can make a big difference in both you and your cat's happiness.