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5 Summer Dangers That Can Hurt Your Pooch

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Your dog is probably just as excited as you are about the upcoming summer season. The warm weather means more outdoor playtime for your furry family member. However, as the temperatures increase, there will be more dangers for your dog. Here are five summer dangers that can hurt your pooch:

Heat Stroke

The idea of your dog suffering a heat stroke is frightening, but it can happen. When the temperatures are scorching hot, it is important to watch your pooch extra carefully and make sure he always has water. You can also cool your dog off with sprinklers, frozen treats and ice packs. If your dog shows signs of a heat stroke, like sunken eyes and excessive lethargy, take him to the veterinarian's office immediately. 


You would not walk on hot pavement barefoot, so do not make your dog. Try to keep your dog off the sidewalk at the hottest time of the day. If you want to take him for a walk, do so in the early morning or evening. If you must walk your dog on a hot sidewalk, put booties on his paws beforehand. 


If you plan on hosting a cooking this summer, keep a watchful eye on your dog. Some of the foods served at a barbecue can be dangerous to dogs, including fruits with pits, onions and food with bones. Ask your friends and family members not to give your pooch table scraps.

Bee Stings

When your dog is hanging out in the backyard, make sure he does not get too close to the bees. Your pooch might be curious about a bee's buzzing sound and get stung. If he does get stung and there is a lot of swelling, take him to the vet.

Swimming Pool

If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, watch your dog carefully so that he does not jump overboard. If you want your pooch to get in the pool, put a floatation device on him first. Also, rinse your dog off with water afterward, as the chlorine can irritate his skin.

The summer can be a dangerous season for dogs, but that does not mean you have to keep your pooch indoors all the time. If you take extra caution, your dog can stay safe this summer. However, if your pooch still gets hurt or sick, do not wait to go to the veterinarian's office.

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