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Three Natural Ways To Keep Fleas At Bay

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When your dog goes outside to do his or her business, they may be exposed to fleas. Fleas can quickly take hold of our dog and invest his or her coat quickly. The fleas will bite your dog, causing them to itch and become very uncomfortable. Instead of using harsh chemicals or flea collars to keep fleas at bay, use the guide that follows to learn a few quick and easy natural ways to repel the vile insects.

Make a Flea Repellent Spray

In order to keep fleas at bay when your dog goes outside to play, consider using a homemade flea repellent spray on them. Mix one cup of apple cider vinegar with two tablespoons of baking soda. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and add two cups of warm water. Once the liquid in the bottle cools to room temperature, it will be ready to use. Spray the repellent on your pet before they go outside and they will be safe from pesky fleas.

Create a Flea Repellent Shampoo

If you notice that your dog's fur has already become infested with fleas, you need to kill them and their eggs as quickly as possible. Create a safe and effective shampoo by mixing one cup of white vinegar with a half a cup of hydrogen peroxide. Add a few drops of lavender oil to the mixture and scrub your pooch thoroughly. The mixture may fizz slightly, but it will not hurt your dog's skin or fur. Repeat the scrubbing process a few times and then rinse away the mixture. Dry your dog and use a brush to brush out any dead fleas that may be caught in your dog's coat.

Create Flea Repellent Treats

Another great way to keep fleas at bay, is to create dog treats that emit a scent through your dog's skin when they eat them. The treat will taste great to your dog and will not make him or her smell to you. The aroma that will be emitted will be faint enough that the human nose typically cannot smell it, but a flea is completely repelled by it. Mix one half cup of brewer's yeast, one half cup of corn meal, one cup of all wheat flour, two egg yolks, and one cup of boiling water together in a mixing bowl. Roll out the dough and slice it into strips that are evenly sized. Bake the dough on a cookie sheet in a 350-degree oven for thirty minutes. Take them out of the oven and cover the pan with foil right away. Allow to rest overnight and then give your dog one treat a day to keep the fleas away.

These all-natural flea treatments will keep your pet healthy and happy. They are easy to make and very inexpensive, making them ideal for any budget. For more information, talk to a company like Hickman Creek Kennel.