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5 Types Of Pet Services You May Thoroughly Enjoy

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There are so many different ways to spoil, pamper, and care for pets. There are even pet services for people that cannot have pets but would love to have a pet anyway. Speaking of the latter, here are five pet services made, and guaranteed, to make you smile.

1. Bunny Yoga/Bunny Interaction Playtime

One yoga studio in Canada offers "bunny yoga" classes. The yoga rooms have lots of adorable, tame pet rabbits hopping about while you do slow and controlled yoga stretches. When class is over, you are invited to stay and play with the bunnies, or even cuddle with a favorite. In many bunny yoga classes, you are invited to bring your own bunnies to play with the other bunnies while you exercise -- kind of like a dog park, except with and for pet rabbits.

2. Mobile Groomers

Mobile groomers come to you to wash, clip, and pamper your dogs and/or cats. It is a very convenient service for anyone that does not have a car to get to a groomer's. It is also a nice service for elderly people that are home-bound and need help with their pets.

3. Doggy Walkers

Dog walking services are big business in big cities. Walkers have a key to your home or apartment. They pick up your pooch to walk twice a day while you are at work. It tires your pooch out, keeps him/her from wrecking the home, and prevents bathroom accidents in the house. It also provides your dog with positive interaction with other dogs.

4. Pet Sitters

When you leave home, you typically have to board your pets, which can be expensive. Pet sitters are a little less expensive, and they check in on your pets as often as you like. For dogs, that may be twice a day or more often. For cats, that may be every other day to scoop the box, fill water and food bowls, and maybe play with your cat(s) if your cat(s) is/are not the shy kind. Small pets and birds are also checked and cared for daily.

5. Large Animal Care

Some pet sitters specialize in large animal care. This refers to services for horses and cattle or other livestock. Such services look in on and provide care for, animals that need daily care when you need a vacation away from home. A lot of horse owners appreciate this service as they know that their large pets will be well-cared for in their absence.

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