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Three Things You Should Consider Before Getting An English Bulldog

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If you've been looking for your next furry friend to share your home and life with and you have become enchanted by English bulldog puppies, you're hardly alone. These pleasant-natured dogs make excellent canine companions for the right people. However, before you completely lose your heart to one, there are certain things you should know. The following are three things for you to consider before bringing that English bulldog baby home. 

Snub-Nosed Breeds Can't Fly

You probably already know that bulldogs aren't equipped with wings, but you may not know that most airlines have banned snub-nosed dogs from commercial air travel, and for good reason. The high altitudes involved in jet travel cause respiratory distress to these breeds because of the shortness of their noses. The hot and cold extremes present in the cargo hold of planes can exaggerate their breathing problems. If you're a frequent air traveler who likes taking your furry friend with you, you may be better off considering another breed. 

English Bulldogs Make Great Family Pets

English bulldogs have mellow, sweet dispositions that make them an ideal choice for family pets. They are gentle with children and generally get along well with other domestic pets in the household. However, they have fairly low energy levels and don't make the best activity partners for families who enjoy taking their canine companion on hiking and biking trips—but they're great around the campfire on relaxing camping trips. The moderate exercise requirements of this breed make it a great option for busy people and families who don't have much time

Although English bulldogs are people-oriented and thrive as a part of a family group, they aren't overly demanding of attention. As an added bonus, even though they make fairly good watchdogs, they don't participate in the kind of superfluous barking that makes many breeds difficult to live with. 

English Bulldogs Have Specific Grooming Needs

English bulldogs have short coats that don't need to be untangled, and they're mild-mannered enough so that grooming tasks, such as clipping their nails and cleaning their ears, that often cause other breeds to react with sensitivity are performed with ease. However, because of their many folds, English bulldogs require constant cleaning in between the folds of their skin to ensure that they don't develop uncomfortable skin conditions. Disposable wipes designed for this procedure are available from pet supply retailers. You can also use a soft, damp washcloth. This breed should also be brushed on a daily basis to prevent excessive shedding, but take care to use a soft-bristled brush and a light hand because bulldogs have very sensitive skin.