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Recommendations For A Successful Toyger Cat Adoption

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Although it is prohibited in most areas to own a wild tiger as a pet, you can adopt a cat that has the appearance of a tiger in the body of a domestic shorthair cat. A Toyger is a cat bred from a Bengal cat and has distinct tiger-like stripes that are so beautiful on the wild tiger. However, you need to make sure you are prepared to bring home and take care of your new Toyger cat. The following are some tips to help you prepare for and adopt your new Toyger kitten.

Plan For the Essentials 

A Toyger cat is going to need a few essentials to keep them comfortable and healthy. For example, just like most other domesticated cats, they will be litter box trained so you will need to get them a litter box filled with dust-free, feline-safe litter. Clumping litter is a good option and makes it easy for you to clean out their litter regularly.

Also, pick out a healthy kitten or cat food for your Toyger. Depending on their age, they will need food that is appropriate for their age and their growth. Your Toyger kitten will need to eat good kitten food until they are approximately one year of age. Then, you can transition to adult cat food.

Arrange For Toyger Adventure

A Toyger cat is going to enjoy playing with toys and also climbing up to high elevations where they can keep an eye on their surroundings including their pet owner. Therefore, make sure you plan to keep several different types of cat toys that will keep them entertained and not bored. Dangling cat toys with a wand, some string, and a toy mouse or bird on the end is a great way to allow your cat to play and capture its toy prey. Other cat toys, such as catnip mice, small toy balls, and feathered bird toys will help your cat play with adventure in your home. 

Also plan to keep a cat tree in your home to provide for your cat to climb up just as they would climb a tree in nature. The platforms in the cat tree provide a good lookout area where they can spot toys, their human, and other fun adventures. A well-placed cat tree or platform in the sun from the window also provides a relaxing place for your Toyger to relax.

Toyger cats also enjoy going on a walk with their humans. And to help you take them outside in safety is with a cat harness. Toyger cats enjoy being taken on a walk with a leash, so be sure you get them outside often.