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Why Cremations Are Becoming So Popular For Pets

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In the past, the traditional way to pay your respects to a loving family pet was to simply bury them in the backyard and perhaps erect a little headstone for them made out of wood. This was, certainly, a very nice way to show your care for a pet that had passed but there were a few shortcomings with it that still exist to this day. That is why more and more people are turning to pet cremation, which addresses many of these awkward problems brought up by buying a pet in your yard.

Here are a few reasons why more and more people are choosing pet cremation.

Moving House

People move around a lot more than they used to, especially young professionals. To add to that, a lot of Americans no longer live in houses with gardens big enough for a small cemetery, let alone one with a backyard at all. Pet cremations allow you to keep a loving reminder of your deceased friend with you at all times. Whether you live in an apartment or move around all the time if you want to keep your pet in your life well after they have passed then pet cremations are the best option for you.

Future Extensions

For those who do still live in houses with nice yards that suit a little pet grave, often they will encounter a problem in the future: home extensions. If you are going to extend your house or perhaps add in a feature like a swimming pool or shed, then foundations will have to be dug out and this can unearth the unfortunately positioned pet buried below. Pet cremations avoid this by keeping the ashes in a very specially made urn that you can keep inside that will not be in the road of any future building work.

Final Ceremony

For some, having a constant reminder of their pet nearby is not something they really can put up with, emotionally speaking. For them, a pet cremation allows them the chance to say goodbye once and for all, and then spread the ashes somewhere that has a lot of meaning to them or their pet. Whether that is at a nearby park you used to frequent or perhaps a very pretty beach, cremations allow you to have a more thoughtful and permanent ceremony that the whole family will take a lot more away from than simply burying your pet in the yard.