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Want A Puppy That Looks Like A Teddy Bear? Choose A Whoodle

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You will often hear a whoodle referred to as the teddy bear puppy or dog. If you have a family and would like a dog that looks like this, the whoodle is a great choice. Keep reading to learn more so you can make this beautiful dog a part of your family. 


The whoodle is bred with a poodle. A poodle comes in a variety of sizes from small to larger. The wheaten terrier is a medium-sized dog. How large your whoodle will be depends on the size of the poodle the terrier is bred with. Because of this, make sure you ask the breeder about the poodle so you will know what to expect. You may be surprised if you want a small dog, but it keeps growing into a larger one. 

One benefit of choosing a whoodle is they do not shed. This makes this the perfect dog if you or someone else in the family has allergies. 

Whoodle Behavior

The whoodle gets personality traits from both the poodle and the wheaten terrier. The whoodle is friendly, sweet, and gentle. This means this is the perfect dog to choose if you have small children. The whoodle breed is also active and they love to play with children and adults. This breed will get along with everyone in the family. 

Whoodles do not like being left alone for long periods of time. They will become bored and may then be destructive. To help with this, purchase them a variety of stimulating toys to keep them busy. You will also find the whoodle is a social dog, which means they enjoy going out in public and meeting new people. They also demand attention from their family. Because of this, consider getting two dogs or if you already have a dog the whoodle may get along well with it. 

Whoodle Exercise

The whoodle is a highly active breed that has a lot of energy. You need to make sure you provide it with enough exercise. Taking long walks is important. If you are a runner, your dog can keep up with you during your daily runs. Take your dog hiking, to dog parks, and play with it in a large backyard. You can hire a dog jogging service if you do not have time to walk or jog with your dog. 

If you go to lunch, choose a dog-friendly restaurant, or choose stores that are dog friendly. Stores like pet stores and home improvement stores often allow dogs to come in. Walk everywhere you can instead of driving your car. This not only gives your whoodle exercise, but you will get exercise as well. 

Talk to a few breeders in your area to find whoodles for sale or visit dog rescues.